29/06 – 31/08/2017


Andrea Campomanes y Manu García

“Approximations” is a sample that revolves around the female figure and the personal and personal vision of Andrea Campomanes and Manu García with inks and paper as support and as links.

Andrea Campomanes (Oviedo, 1990).

Specializing in drawing, Andrea Campomanes finishes her degree in Fine Arts in Belgium, where she experiments in a field that will finally make her work one of her hallmarks, illustration. Currently in Scotland, the artist combines a work practice related to the museum field and curating with an artistic career whose leitmotiv focuses on female anatomical studies.

Textures, glazes and inks, usually in black and white, illustrate female anatomical realities with the intention of making them as accessible as the rest of the anatomy and thus overcome all current taboos. For these “approaches”, which are part of “Incisions”, a work created within her doctoral research, the artist takes as reference illustrations of the anatomical art of the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries.

Manu García (Oviedo 1994).

Currently studying the last year of the Fine Arts Degree at the University of Salamanca. Specialized in painting, his attraction to color and material experimentation is reflected in all his works. Encourage or simply investigate finishes and behaviors in the mixture of materials within the space you paint, paper, provide you with the necessary creative freedom to face new challenges. Although automatic, the content of his paintings reflects an autobiographical reality that he manages at will. The world of dreams, his most personal life, his family and his friends are, for the moment, the protagonists of whom he uses to communicate with the viewer where he always looks for a meeting point. Inks, oils, acrylics or latex are present in each of the works that make up the sample.