06/04 – 07/05/2017


Covadonga Valdés

Valdés Sobrecueva is an Asturian artist with an extensive artistic career who has lived in London for 23 years, a city where she graduated in Fine Arts and was awarded a scholarship by the British Institute of London and an award from the Bristish School of Rome.

For the past ten years the artist has been traveling and working with the landscapes of northern Spain, England, Italy and Swedish Lapland in search of a painting firmly rooted in the earth and in the deep essence that an image contains.

In “Homeland” (homeland), the title of the work presented in the gallery, he shows us in his painting, an almost topographic image that reflects itself, the intricate detail playing with the forcefulness and intangibility that is created from the reflection and the shadow.

And although Covadonga, on his particular trip, does not claim that his paintings document any particular place or country, he achieves that his work reflects the collective familiarity of European landscapes.
Recently, Covadonga Valdés has exhibited in Glasgow, Beijing, London and has participated with the gallery in ARTMADRID 17.