02/03 – 03/04/2017

Lo que no me pertenece

Nuria Formentí

Let the torrent of spirit run. After a long search, perhaps Nuria Formentí has ​​already found answers. And he finds them in his workshop every day accompanied by good music, coffee with almond milk, books, acrylics and endless papers. On this occasion the artist does not force herself, she only paints when she feels it, totally unconscious, the demiurge returns to warp of her own and now her painting and writing only flow, they let themselves go, just like her. Watercolors, paper and inks are now the materials that accompany her in her truth, in her catharsis. A work that could be classified as an abstraction that goes beyond pure material experimentation. Bulbous, natural and sinuous forms spill and circulate through the paper to the sound of the melodies that accompany it.
In his natural predisposition and, therefore, inevitable towards metaphysics, Nuria shows in each of the works of this exhibition, his deepest truth, his being, his essence, his time and, in an attempt to get rid of color and Not being able to do it, your freedom.
In “What does not belong to me,” the artist “paints for not shutting up, paints for getting rid of past and creating futures,” paints presents, paints her present.María M. Vallina