16/12 – 08/01/2017

Masao Yamamoto

Photographer Masao Yamamoto (Gamagori, Aichi Prefecture, 1957) exposes this Christmas in our space, Arancha Osoro Gallery, Oviedo.

The exhibition is composed of 21 works that belong to the series “Box of Ku”, “Kawa” and “Nakazora”. Thus they form the three main notions on which his work is based: “Ku”, the emptiness, Kawa, what flows and “Nakazora”, the space between heaven and earth.

Masao Yamamoto makes his photographs to be able to collect images and turn them into memories, black and white images that manage to simplify the information to the maximum to leave a space for the creativity and imagination of those who look at them.

Its small size accompanies a creative process in which sometimes it stains with tea or tear to create new memories to manipulate, just as old photographs manipulate ours.