Avilés, 1978

Patu Inclán

The aesthetic sensitivity of this artist is felt in a private life where the decorative world takes us to the first cabinets of curiosities. Animals, vegetation, minerals or technically advanced instruments wrap the guest in a timeless universe.

Before graduating in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca, she studied at the School of Plastic Arts in Oviedo, a decisive fact that motivated her to fully enter painting. After finishing higher education and still anxious to find her way, she decided to specialize in theory and practice of visual arts, a complement with which she could free the mind towards a more complex and global art history. In 2015, she began a sculpture course because she considered it lacking in her language. Nowadays, along with painting, it is part of her hallmark.

Perfectionist of a technique where drawing is the protagonist, Patu’s first works stood out for the presence of an expressionism reminiscent of Bacon. The distortion of the figures, the indeterminate spaces and the disturbing perception of the compositions where the scenography covered the limits of the canvas. Human figures and mystical animals illustrated autobiographical moments, letting feelings flow and perhaps act as a therapy. Red, white and black colors with nostalgic air, electric grays and noisy atmospheres were part of the color palette she used. Her way of working at this time was conditioned by a compromised vital situation that even unleashed the chaos in the structure of her routines.

Gradually the work of this artist is finding its place, and the spooky characters become children framed in geometric boundaries and fantastic animals in real animals. Intriguing narratives and tensions focus on an increasingly conscious and contained staging. A practical ritual begins to emerge in a methodology that is reflected in its own style and iconography. Vulnerable animals that people despise are those represented by providing them with a framework that protects that fragility. In that instance she feels at ease, it is her strength and these animals help her to understand herself. Now, her mind and her work are balanced. Containment is a constant through deceptively sweetened scenographies that generate a strong atmospheric tension through the nuanced black backgrounds.

The pictorial qualities are becoming more plastic. Layers and layers accumulate forming sediments and cracks that conclude on a solid technical basis where the taste for details and preciousness is evident.