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Counselling for the purchase of artistic pieces

Art “is what you never quite understand at all” and it is what we are passionate about, specialized in “Advice for the purchase of artistic pieces” we have a fundamental premise when advising our customers, “buying art is invest in experiences ”, art awakens our senses and emotions.

We advise individuals and focus on young people to find their own aesthetic point of view, collectors who, when selecting a piece, support artists and preserve a piece of history, and also guide entrepreneurs and institutions in the acquisition.

Framing, conservation and restoration

In our space we take the framing, conservation and restoration of works of art very seriously.

We have a large workshop and a wide and varied sample of moldings and accessories and offer our clients personalized advice with a very clear philosophy, that the work done revolves around the piece and not the space in which it will be exposed .

We also have a detailed service of conservation of artistic works and we do it with a respectful treatment towards the pieces taking care of the conservation requirements. An exceptional assembly team is also concerned with the correct packaging and protection of the material.