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17 may

Logo design by our participating artist Cinthya Álvarez, mock-up and poster design by our participating artist Ruben Megido



It was amazing, we had worked so much, we were excited, we were tired, we were thrilled! Honestly. It was two months or so of intensive work, and the results paid off. When I talked to Arancha Osoro, the owner of the Arancha Osoro Gallery I never thought this was going to happen so soon.

The contemporary art gallery “Arancha Osoro” is located in front of the Reconquista Hotel, right in the centre of the city of Oviedo, in Asturias, the north of Spain. In a few words, the location of the gallery is ideal.

The gallery is known for bringing art to the public through its activities and promoting diverse and personal artists, helping new artists rise, providing a space for multimedia artists, new media, photography and video without forgetting the most traditional art.

At the beginning the plan was to be around 12 of us, but due to dates, workloads and more, we downsized to only 8 of us. But man, what a great 8 member team we created!

The artists who participated in this adventure were top notch, the crème de la crème : Cinthya Álvarez (designer and illustrator), Enrique Fernández (comic artist and illustrator) María Guija (designer and illustrator) , Esther Gómez (illustrator), Raquel Lagartos (comic artist and illustrator), Bruno Martinez (illustrator), Ruben Megido (designer, fine artist and illustrator), and myself, Kiyary Do (fine artist and illustrator).

From top left to right: Raquel Lagartos, Ruben Megido, Maria Guija, Enrique Fernandez, Cinthya Alvarez, Esther Gomez, Kiyary Do and Bruno Martínez

The exhibition Hábitats Illustrados (Illustrated Habitats) offers a visual journey into the microcosm of each artist, where we can appreciate their creative process, and the worlds that each of the artists imagines. From abstract landscapes to unique characters, where the real world meets the fantastic, the show brings with it a wide variety of styles and formats, as well as the use of different media, such as oils, watercolors, digital art, mixed media, and more.

The show wanted to emphasize the value of the artist’s manual labor and the importance of individuality in the creation of art. In a world where artificial intelligence is increasingly prevalent in the art world, «Illustrated Habitats» sought to make the viewers reflect on the power and beauty of the human imagination and the unique perspective each artist brings to their work.


If you want to see behind scenes, here are a few photos of how the exhibition was put together, and our meeting with our wonderful Gallerist Arancha Osoro.

Putting the art show together was fun and was entertaining for us and we helped the little we could, it is a lot of work, and without the experienced judgement from Arancha, it wouldn’t have been possible. She managed to arrange our works in such a cohesive way and create a dialogue among our pieces. Her suggestions and ideas were the building blocks for the show.


The opening was just marvelous and grand. So many people came, there was life, laughter, and food and drinks, and overall there was Art!

Here are some photos of the exciting exhibition grand opening celebrated the 13th of May 2023 at Arancha Osoro Gallery, in Oviedo, Asturias Spain.