18/05 – 19/06/2017


Carlos Andújar, Patu Inclán y Roberto Rodríguez

Commissar: María M. Vallina

Animals is a collective exhibition in which animals constitute the common inspirational constant of three artists who have repeated and developed throughout their work with their own language and, now, transcends this exhibition.

Carlos Andújar (Valencia, 1975).

Animals are used with the intention of illustrating the consciousness of remoteness of the human being with respect to nature. The purpose of educating while claiming the destruction that people exert on the environment, is evident in the representation of extinct animals and vulnerable species.
In these “Animals” his versatility leads him to work with canvases, papers and watercolors looking for the exuberance of oil and the enrichment of each texture with its own language. Loving chimpanzees, orangutans, ofegabous… They watch us looking to exchange an accomplice look between species.

Patu Inclan (Aviles, 1978)
With their own style and iconography they are the vulnerable animals that people despise those they represent by providing them with a framework that protects that fragility. In that fence she feels at ease, it is her strength and these animals help her to understand herself.
For “Animals” delicacy, affection and an important implicit criticism merge into greyhounds, owls or snakes, causing no one to escape their indifference. Graphites, inks, varnishes and earthenware contribute to enrich the final result.

Roberto Rodríguez Redondo (Avilés, 1981)
Stridency, psychedelia, wild exoticism and the exuberance of Henri Rousseau, can be seen in an aesthetic whose hypnotizing effect calls the viewer into a visual intensity that can be tasted.
Robert Rodriguez’s “Animals” challenge you in their positions and in their gestures through superimposed planes that cross the boundaries of the two-dimensional. True to its field of action, it adapts materials and tools of urban art to its plastic handling. Cutter, sprays and wooden panels reinforce a narrative discourse where painting speaks of painting and abstraction makes sense in its purest definition of material experimentation.