14/03 – 14/04/2019

La dictadura de la belleza


No one gets rid of the dictatorship of beauty and Ovidiu addresses this issue directly and sincerely. The social construction of beauty, which is one of the most widespread and recurring phenomena in our contemporary society, is characterized by the production of people in a serial and repetitive way, that is, homogenized.

Society continues to promote the rejection of nature and ethnic heritage, as well as, demanding the adaptation of subjects to alien and unreal beauty patterns. We all aspire to resemble each other and to be influencers, which leads us paradoxically to the phenomenon of “same entities” and, essentially, to an extreme denial of the self.

To make us reconsider, we observe in Ovidiu’s paintings a world of non-authenticity and manufacturing, where ideal iconic models, typical of the world of media and social networks express a temporary beauty, built and conditioned by the ‘community of followers’.

Today we still live under the condition of being colonized and Ovidiu Batista demands that we reflect on our motivations to create a distance between the unsustainable image of oneself and our true real being. Thus, we come to a very clear conclusion, “More than seeking physical beauty, it may be more enriching to recover the ability to appreciate true beauty.”

And he does it with a cynical, and ironic criticism and with a very personal aesthetic, an intense color that he incorporates as a novelty in his work and with various mixed techniques in his engravings, drawings and oil paintings.