Avilés, 1981

Roberto Rodríguez Redondo

From a very young age he seemed enthusiastic about artistic creation, so his parents decided to enroll him in a drawing academy to develop his creative interests. With the passage of time, the context where he grew up and his early discipline in the plastic arts, Robert followed a path where he could make the most of his field of work and of his daily life.

Trained in Fine Arts by the University of the Basque Country and favored by the current situation, Robert was able to access various practices related to the assembly of exhibitions. This quickly helped him to visualize in a global way the movement and the market that was happening around the artistic creation. Painting, together with the design and illustration, made this artist decide to take a career path related to the world of skateboarding –his world– turning it into a way of life. His experience in this field has led him to participate in numerous exhibitions, collectives and books that have helped him to stay not only afloat but to position himself as a reference within this discipline.

Positive, optimistic and energetic, his works have always had the same processes and animals have always been part of his behavior. The latter are the leitmotif that gives meaning to his work, to his color. Stridency, psychedelia, wild exoticism and the exuberance of Henri Rousseau are present in an aesthetic whose hypnotic effect calls the viewer to enter a visual intensity that can be tasted.

The “Animals” by Robert Rodríguez challenge you with their postures and gestures through superimposed planes that go beyond the limits of the two-dimensional. True to its field of action, it adapts materials and tools typical of urban art to its plastic handling. Cutter, sprays and wooden panels reinforce a narrative discourse where painting speaks of painting and abstraction acquires meaning in its purest definition of material experimentation.