21/12/2018 – 22/01/2019

Aproximaciones a la sombra

Guillermo Ocio

Aproximaciones a la sombra is articulated around the assimilation of all the concepts faced in the discourse of the artist’s dialogue with the main material, wood. It has become a heated and extensive conversation in which the sculptor shapes the matter respecting the course of its own appearance. Now, the substance invites to the tactile experience in the delight of its textures and to the visual incitement in the insinuation caused by the attributes of the color. The lights and shadows guide the viewer in the place where the piece exists.

Red sneaks into the cracks of the unconscious, blue flows in an attempt to keep calm, gray travels between good and evil and black hides wandering in darkness, anguish and mystery. The metal supports the structure and accompanies the visible shapes of the silhouettes that no longer want to be hidden. The shadow may no longer be so dangerous, we may now be willing to show it proper attention.

María M. Vallina